Dec 31, 2011


أنا المصري
أنا حامل الهموم في عصري
أنا المطحون
أنا المدفون تحت الديون
أنا اللي أوهموه
إن الأعداء حيدبحوا
أنا اللي حقه مأكول
في بلده و على أرضه عايش مزلول
أنا اللي غناله درويش
و لحد النهارده الحرية ما تعرفنيش
أنا اللي قاد الغضب
و حارب الإحتلال اللي زل العرب
أنا اللي العرب سابوه
تحت رحمة الطغاة اللي زلوه
أنا اللي التاريخ يشهدله
إنه غير الدنيا بعقله
أنا اللي يومه وصل
عشان يثور و غير مهما حصل
أنا اللي النهارده حالم
إنه ينهي حكم الظالم
أنا المحارب من أجل الحرية
ضد الطغاة، من أجل الديمقراطية
أنا اللي التاريخ حيفتكره
بحروف من دهب حيكتب اسمه
أنا المصري
أنا اللي حغير عصري.


Nov 22, 2011

إحنا الشعب

إحنا الشعب...الخط الأحمر
إحنا الشعب اللي بيقرر
إحنا اللي نزلنا في الميادين
طلاب, عمال و فلاحين
بدمنا روينا أراضيكِ الطاهرة
و زرعنا فيكِ شجرة الحرية الخضرا
فداكِ أرواحنا و نور عيونا
يا مصدر حياتنا و وجودنا
لغدر الرصاص فاتحين سدورنا
يا بلادي حبك محفور في قلوبنا
جيل ورا جيل بنحمي بلادنا
فيكِ حياتنا و فيكِ مماتنا
يا مصر يا أمي يا حتة من قلبي
ياللي إسمك غنوة في فمي
يا مصر يا حبي يا أم الدنيا
محال ننساكِ ولو لثانية
إيد في إيد حنرجع كرامتنا
مهما قاوموا...حناخد حريتنا
لا بنادق و لا قنابل تقدر تهزمنا
و لا خوف حيبعدنا عن أحلامنا
إحنا الشعب...الخط الأحمر
حناخد حريتنا...الشعب قرر!

The Revolution Song

You can wait forever
For them to set you free
But be sure that never
Will they ever agree
Justice shall be given
And dignity regained
When by freedom we are driven
Showing them of what we are made
When we rise hand in hand
Protecting one another
Courageously we stand
As sisters and brothers
Today we dread no guns or knives
We march liberated of fear
Today we give our lives
So that our children will shed no tear
Bullets pierce the hearts
Killing innocent souls
They want to break us apart
But we refuse to hide like moles
We are more than body and flesh
This is more than action
This is an idea that will stretch
Crossing boundaries and fractions
Ideas are bullet proof
They will never die
Ideas can only move
From mind to mind they shall fly
Can you hear that gentle sound?
Can you feel the evolution?
Can you feel it shaking the ground?
The song of our revolution.

Nov 20, 2011


When your loved ones are too far.
When friends are no where to be found.
When the crowded world around you suddenly seems completely empty.
When the 24 hours of a day seem never ending.
When every second passing by feels like an eternity.
When you stair at your phone, hopelessly waiting for a reaction from it.
When your mouth forgets how to talk, and your tongue freezes motionless.
When your eyes seem lost, and your mind travels where you cannot find it anymore.
When eating becomes a duty, and sleeping is your only way out of this infernal cycle.
When your heart is grabbed by an undefined anxiety.
When you feel your life has become pointless.
When you suffer...from loneliness!

Impossible concentration

I lay my back on the soft couch.
Sitting at the far end of a coffee place.
I sit in front of my screen, wondering, pondering, searching...for what?
I slowly loose track of my thoughts, my mind drifts away in an unclear, unknown direction.
People's talk around me gradually turns into gibberish expressions with no meaning or purpose.
Their languages mix; French on the left, Italian in front, German on the right, different tongues, different words mix in the air as they fly around me in an unclear sea of noise, hitting the shores of my ears...What do I hear? Sounds like...Undefined!
People go. People come. Faces change. But I'm still here.
Who are they? What brings them here?
Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going to?
I put my head back, close my eyes, and take a deep breath in this closed room.
I drift away again...where to next?