May 14, 2013

Bloody Love (by Omar Kamal)...Part.5

Inspector Leveuf arrived the next day at the police station, and as he entered, he asked Valerie to follow him to his office room.
“Valerie” he said; “I want you to call Monsieur Lenoir and Monsieur Dubois, tell them I want to talk to them, that we have a new twist to the case. Tell one of them to come here at 10, and the other at one o’clock.”
“What new twist has come up to the case?” asked Valerie with curiosity.
“None whatsoever, but let’s see how they react.”
Just as the inspector requested, at exactly 10 o’clock, Monsieur Lenoir walked into his office with an expression of anxiety on his face. He sat down, and with haste asked the inspector to tell him what happened.
“Monsieur Lenoir, we are about to solve the case of the murder of your wife. We have found the evidence of where the killer dragged the body into the sewers. It so happens that the entrance to the sewers he used, a piece of evidence was left that is crucial to identify him. I’m afraid we could not remove that piece of evidence from the scene, but we are working on identifying the killer with that.”
“What is that piece of evidence?”
“I’m afraid that information I cannot disclose at the moment. But trust me, once we arrest the perpetrator, I will let you know all the details.”
Monsieur Lenoir left the office with a confused expression on his face.
At one o’clock, Olivier stepped into the inspector’s office as agreed. The inspector shared the same information with the young man, who also attempted to find out what piece of evidence was found, but like Monsieur Lenoir before him, Olivier left the office with a confused face.
The hours passed as the inspector and Valerie waited by the phone. The night fell and darkness took over the city. A few minutes after midnight, they got a call from one of the surveillance patrols appointed to watch the suspects. They informed the inspector that their target had left the building and that they were on his trail. Inspector Leveuf and Valerie left with the car immediately and followed the instructions of the surveillance patrol. A few minutes later, they arrived at one of the main sewer entrances of the city. In front of the large metal entrance, they waited and watched. In the darkness, a man approached the entrance with a flashlight. He slowly started looking around the entrance carefully in a desperate search to find the piece of evidence that could incriminate him. Suddenly, a strong light struck his back and illuminated the scene, a voice behind him yelled; “Monsieur Dubois, surrender yourself, you are under arrest for the murder of Amelie Lenoir!”


Back in the police station, Olivier Dubois confessed to the police for the murder. He explained how that evening, Madame Lenoir came to him as usual and after having dinner together, Olivier confessed his intense love for her and asked her to leave her husband and stay with him. She refused saying that she would never leave her husband for anybody. She told him that their affair is over, that she would never see him again, and that he should forget her and go on with his life. The situation went out of hand; as they started quarrelling harshly, and as she tried to leave, he stopped her, but she resisted. Their fight became harder and more violent, until the point where he strangled her with a belt he had laid on the couch. Realising what he had done, he decided to get rid of the body and distance himself from the crime.
Behind the window stood Inspector Leveuf, Valerie and Monsieur Lenoir, listening to the confession. Monsieur Lenoir looked down to the floor when the young man had stopped talking, he then looked up to the inspector and said; “Thank you inspector Leveuf for your help.”
The inspector put his hand over the man’s shoulder, and with a supportive smile said; “I am merely doing my job. I am very sorry for your loss.”
Monsieur Lenoir turned around and left the police station, with a heavy walk and sorrow on his face.
Inspector Leveuf and Valerie stood as they watched the man leave the station. The inspector lit a cigarette and went back to his office.


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