Nov 22, 2011

The Revolution Song

You can wait forever
For them to set you free
But be sure that never
Will they ever agree
Justice shall be given
And dignity regained
When by freedom we are driven
Showing them of what we are made
When we rise hand in hand
Protecting one another
Courageously we stand
As sisters and brothers
Today we dread no guns or knives
We march liberated of fear
Today we give our lives
So that our children will shed no tear
Bullets pierce the hearts
Killing innocent souls
They want to break us apart
But we refuse to hide like moles
We are more than body and flesh
This is more than action
This is an idea that will stretch
Crossing boundaries and fractions
Ideas are bullet proof
They will never die
Ideas can only move
From mind to mind they shall fly
Can you hear that gentle sound?
Can you feel the evolution?
Can you feel it shaking the ground?
The song of our revolution.

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