Sep 7, 2012

The Wrath of The Déluge

As I walked through the hallways of The Louvre Museum, my eyes came across a painting that inspired me with its strength and expression. I have rarely seen paintings with religious themes that were this inspiring, as they often touch to the same topics in quite standard ways. But this one did not fail to inspire me and bewilder me with the expressions on the faces and the movements in this painting. I could literally feel the pain and fear of the people depicted in the events of the great flood of Noah. The painting, shown below, is called Le Déluge, by Girodet de Roussy, and the text that follows it is the poem that I was inspired to write as I watched this work of art.

The Wrath of The Déluge

The grey clouds gather, blotting the sun out of sight
Thunder crackles and breaks the silence with its electric light
Drops of water gently pour on the faces of those who await
Their proud heads held high have brought them to their ill fate
The rain pours on the land with unprecedented rage
Bringing about yet another disastrous Human page
The water rises and the waves slap bodies back and forth
Desperate cries fly out of the people to the skies up north
On the rocks of the elevating mighty mountains
A man carries his elderly father away from the raging fountains
As he grabs on the branches of a dying tree
He hears his woman and children's desperate plea
In a final and hopeless attempt to save his loved ones
He reaches to the hand of his beloved, carrying their weeping sons
Facing the anger and wrath of the sky
No man power can save those destined to die
As the merciful brings the human race down to its knees
No ears can hear or understand their hopeless pleas
By the rocks of the still mountain the waves gently settle
Carrying the man who has finally lost his battle.

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