Sep 11, 2012

Who am I?

You sit in front of me
You ask who am I?
Dreaded by the question of who to be
I look you deep in the eye
I am the East
I am the West
I celebrate the feast
I get lost in my quest
Ever since my birth
Until the day I die
I roam the edges of the Earth
I swim, I crawl, I run, I fly
I search from end to end
Desperately Looking for a face
I fall and bend
But can't find my place
Surrounded by my people
I am nothing but a stranger
Lost in a haystack as a needle
Their looks see in me the danger
From the land of the Nile
To the Old Continent
Running for a mile
But I can't repent
You ask me who am I?
For you, I have no answering words
No explanation to know why
I'm nothing but a lost migrating bird.


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