Jan 1, 2013

The Night

As the sun bids us farewell with its rays caressing our face
The night comes slowly along and takes its place
The moon rises and shines bright in the darkened sky
Like a woman in her full beauty, with her sweet smile she catches your eye
The glowing stars scatter above our heads
Like the warm blankets laying silently upon our beds
As the maniac city calmly goes to sleep
A creative army marches in the night so deep
In the darkness, their vision awakens
Their hearts run, their souls are free and their minds shaken
Sounds, images, gestures, and a flood of words
Fill the silence like migrating flocks of birds
Wisdom flows on the still ground of the land
Water shakes, trees dance and their rhythm beats on the sand
The night is young, and their minds float in it
They move, they shake, they jump, they cannot sit
The creative army gently marches by your side
The night comes to an end, but tomorrow once again they shall ride.


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